Allow White Glove OOBE

  • Windows 10, version 1903 or later is required.
  • An Intune subscription.
  • Physical devices that support TPM 2.0 and device attestation; virtual machines are not supported. The white glove provisioning process leverages Windows Autopilot self-deploying capabilities, hence the TPM 2.0 requirements.
  • Physical devices with Ethernet connectivity; Wi-fi connectivity is not supported due to the requirement to choose a language, locale, and keyboard to make that Wi-fi connection; doing that in a pre-provisioning process could prevent the user from choosing their own language, locale, and keyboard when they receive the device.

Windows Device enrollment > Deployment Profiles > Allow White Glove OOBE: Yes

Press 5 times on the Windows button
Select “Windows Autopilot provisioning”
Press on “Provision”
On the green screen press “Reseal”