Administratieve Templates


You can enabeld or disabled some settings for:
Control Panel\ Personalization
Microsoft Access 2016
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Office
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Word
MS Security Guide
MSS (Legancy)
Network\ Network Connections
Network\ Network Provider
Network\ Windows Connection Manager
Network\ WWAN Service\WWAN Media Cost
Network\ WWAN Service\WWAN UI Settings
System\ App-V
System\ Credentials Delegation
System\ Device Installation
System\ Early Launch Antimalware
System\ Enhanced Storage Access
System\ Logon
System\ System Restore
Windows Components\ Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Connection Client

Some ideas:
Name: Win10 | Administratieve Templates | OneDrive | Device | Enabled
– Require users to confirm large delete operations
– Silently move Windows known folders to OneDrive [Tenant ID:] | No
– Silently sign in users to the OneDrive sync client with their Windows credentials
– Use OneDrive Files On-Demand

Name: Win10 | Administratieve Templates | Desktop | User | Enabled
– Prohibit User from manually redirecting Profile Folders

Name: Win10 | Administratieve Templates | MS Security Guide | Disabled
– Apply UAC restrictions to local accounts on network logons