Add Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Add Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
DC to Intune Download the .exe from

Install it on a test Windows client in cmd
Adobe_setup.exe /sAll /rs /rps /msi /norestart /quiet EULA_ACCEPT=YES 

After the install search the unistall IdentifyingNumber with Powershell

Download IntuneWinAppUtil.exe
Open cmd with admin rights and go to the folder where IntuneWinAppUtil.exe is located
Make a *.intunewin file with command
Example: IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c c:\temp\Adobe_setup.exe -o c:\temp\AdobeIntune

Upload the .intunewin file to Intune
Microsoft Intune > Client apps > Apps
App type: Windows app (Win 32)
App package file: .intunewin file
App information >
Name: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Description: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Publisher: Adobe
Category: Productivity
Display this as a featured app in the Company Portal: Yes
Logo: Upload the logo.png 

Program >
Install command:
Adobe_setup.exe /sAll /rs /rps /msi /norestart /quiet EULA_ACCEPT=YES
Unistall command:
msiexec /x "{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AC0F074E4100}" /q

Install behavior:
System Requirements>
Operating system architecture: 64-bit 
Minimum operating system: Windows 10 1607 
Detection rules:
Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader 
File or folder: AcroRd32.exe 
Detection method: File or folder exists 
Associated with a 32-bit app on 64-bit clients: Yes 
Wait the upload completed. 
Assign a group in Assignments